"Our family hired the Law Offices of Kenneth E Chase in Scottsdale, Az when it became evident we were involved in a very complex mortgage fraud case. Kenneth E Chase and staff helped us trace the mortgage fraud to the Investor showing us the properties to the appraiser, the mortgage company, title/escrow company all involved in orchestrating this fraud. Through these misdeeds some of their State licenses were revoked and federal law enforcement continued their investigation with results. Ken was very focus on doing everything possible to help us receive some justice. He worked tirelessly on our case. We were impressed with his thoroughness and the way he guided us through a complicated legal process. The staff were very professional, responsive and friendly. Ken was extremely easy to work with e-mails, phone calls and were replied to quickly. Ken is an outstanding lawyer that you can trust to best represent your legal matters."

-- Marilyn

"Ken has represented me personally as well as professionally for over twenty years. During that time I have found him to be a valued business and legal advisor who always keeps an eye on the the probable litigation outcome versus the cost. At one point I found myself exposed to claims from former business partners as well as multiple commercial banks. Ken devised a strategy to manage the multiple lawsuits that resulted in settlements that were reasonable. The litigation took over five years to resolve. Ken held my hand throughout the ordeal and not only gave me excellent legal advice, but also helped me deal with the emotional roller coaster that comes when you are involved in complex litigation."

-- Tony

-- Terri

-- Dave