Phoenix Professional Incompetence Attorney

Hiring an attorney is an important decision. When the professional you trusted to handle your case does not have the skills or experience to properly execute the details of your legal matter, you can face serious financial hardship as a consequence.

At The Law Offices of Kenneth E. Chase, P.C., our Phoenix professional incompetence attorney will provide the competent legal guidance you deserve if you have been harmed by incompetence and professional malpractice. We represent plaintiffs harmed by incompetent professionals and have a successful track record in cases against other lawyers, accountants, investment advisors and other professionals in Arizona.

What Is Considered Incompetence?

Incompetence happens for a variety of reasons. It is often due to a lawyer trying to handle a practice area he or she has no knowledge or experience in, or trying to expand their practice into a new area without proper training or experience.

Examples of legal incompetence by an attorney or other professional can include:

  • Failing to file a claim or documents on time
  • Failing to prevent legal errors
  • Failing to provide correct advice
  • Handling a case in federal court when they only have experience in state court
  • Taking a case in state or municipal court without any experience
  • Handling a legal matter in an area of law without any prior training or experience

Attorneys are required to provide services within a recognized “standard of care.” When the services they provide fall below that standard of care and cause economic losses, legal malpractice claims can be filed and pursued to redress the damage caused.

Reviewing Your Claim For Damages

Ken has more than 40 years of experience handling complex legal cases involving incompetence by other lawyers. He will guide you through the process by explaining your rights and options to pursue a claim for legal malpractice. He will then review your claim to determine damages and whether it is economically beneficial to pursue a professional malpractice claim.

Pursuing Justice On Your Behalf

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and legal standards. We care about helping you pursue justice, and, in doing so, we will provide the personal attention you deserve throughout your case. Our firm represents clients in Phoenix, throughout Maricopa County and Arizona and throughout the world. We have a track record of success in legal malpractice cases bolstered by our dedication to tenaciously helping our clients succeed.

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