Advocating For Victims Of Professional Malpractice

When we put our trust in a professional, we assume that the job will be done professionally and competently. Unfortunately, sometimes we assume too much.

At The Law Offices of Kenneth E. Chase, P.C., in Phoenix, we are here to help when your situation calls for an experienced professional. We have a proven track record in handling plaintiff-side professional malpractice cases against lawyers, stockbrokers, accountants, investment advisors and others who have not performed within the appropriate professional standard of care.

Handling All Types Of Professional Malpractice

We are dedicated to the personal needs of each business or individual client requiring assistance in legal malpractice, accountant malpractice and securities malpractice cases resulting from substandard performance causing economic harm. Examples of professional malpractice include:

If you have been economically or otherwise harmed by the actions of a lawyer, financial advisor, accountant or other professional, you deserve to recover your actual damages with the help of an ethical and skillful Arizona attorney who will tirelessly work to remedy your situation. Ken is committed to strictly adhering to the highest legal and ethical standards, balanced by the resolution to fulfilling the legal goals of each client, within the bounds of his law practice.

Victim Of Professional Malpractice? Let Us Explore Your Legal Options.

We represent clients throughout Arizona and from around the world who have been the victims of professional malpractice. We will provide effective legal counsel and advice so you fully understand your rights and legal options in order to move forward with your case. Schedule a consultation with us by calling (480) 423-5800 or send us an email.