Phoenix Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

Real estate fraud involves the investment of funds into, or acquisition of, real property by innocent investors or purchasers, who then learn that their investment or purchase was fraudulent and their funds stolen. This can occur through the acts of a realtor, broker, escrow agent, attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or even a trusted friend or relative.

Don’t be Defrauded

You may have been instructed to invest in or purchase certain real estate, but the purchase price you paid was inflated as a result of the collusion between the seller, the realtor, your advisor or agent, the mortgage company, and/or the appraiser. You are then left with property that is not worth what you paid and you may be stuck with a mortgage greater than the value of the property. If you overpaid on real estate and believe that you were defrauded, our Phoenix real estate fraud lawyer can immediately begin to untangle the facts of your case and identify the fraudulent parties.

You may have purchased property and are now unable to sell it for anywhere close to what you paid for it. Do not lose your opportunity to aggressively pursue a claim against a fraudulent seller, appraiser, agent, or others. At the Law Offices of Kenneth E. Chase, P.C., we will work to help recover your investments and losses.

At the Law Offices of Kenneth E. Chase, P.C. in Phoenix, Arizona, we are experienced in helping the victims of real estate fraud aggressively pursue actions to recover their losses against fraudulent sellers, appraisers, agents, and others.

Our attorney can assist you with any of the following:

  • Real estate fraud
  • Land fraud
  • Property disputes
  • Commercial real estate fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Investment fraud
  • Business fraud
  • Business and commercial law
  • Business litigation
  • Professional malpractice
  • Legal malpractice
  • Negligence
  • Breach of duty
  • Conflict of interest
  • Contracts
  • Breach of contract

Being defrauded in a real estate investment can ruin your credit, send you into foreclosure, or leave you without savings. We can help trace the trail of fraud, prosecute your legal claims, and ultimately, help you recover your funds, losses, and damages.

You may have trusted a friend, relative, or professional with your investments. It is critical that you immediately begin investigating your case. Our law firm will aggressively prosecute your claims against anyone who misrepresented the value of real estate property, advised you to purchase real estate, or absconded with real estate funds.

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The many issues that arise in real estate fraud require the advice and skill of a highly experienced real estate investment attorney. Our primary attorney, Kenneth E. Chase, has 40 years of experience and will help recover your losses. Call (480) 423-5800 to discuss your case or send us an email.