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Taking an active role may help your legal situation

When you need a lawyer, it's probably because you are already in a stressful situation. You certainly don't need your relationship with your attorney to add to that stress. An attorney is there to be your advisor and advocate, so it is important that you understand each other.

Whether you are facing criminal charges, going through a divorce or disputing a business contract, you want someone who will keep your best interests at the front of every decision. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and it can be frustrating to discover that your case may be floundering because of some action or inaction on your attorney's part.

Easy Street is often paved with fraud

Many people hope for the windfall that will change the course of their lives. For some, purchasing lottery tickets or entering raffles brings them a small profit. However, you are likely looking for more than that, and so you look for ways to invest your money wisely.

If a recent investment promised you unimaginable returns, you may have jumped at the chance. Why not? Success with this venture may have provided the opportunity to pay for college for your child or grandchild, the retirement you always dreamed of or simply more money to save and invest. Unfortunately, when you realized the whole thing was a fraud, it was too late to change your mind.

Ponzi schemes: What you need to know to protect your investments

Ponzi schemes are frequently in the news and for good reason. Ponzi schemes often result in significant investment fraud that impacts many people's lives.

What is a Ponzi scheme? It is a type of investment fraud that involves current investors being paid returns with money obtained from new investors. These schemes often include promises of high returns from investing in a legitimate business. The reality of what is happening is very different. Instead of actually using the money from investors to invest in a company, those funds are used to pay other investors, creating the illusion that investors are getting a profit.

Old tactics, new medium: how fraud can ruin a perfectly good day on social media

The Internet is a great place to be, if you're an investor. That is, until you're on the receiving end of a fraud scheme.

Investors flock to the web for news, advice, information and research. Whether it's looking up current strategies or individual stocks, checking out possible financial advisers and firms or posting comments on a favorite finance site-the web gives us endless possibilities to connect. But, there's a downside. Unless you have a sign to warn off solicitors on your social media profiles as well as on the front door of your home, you're going to be approached by some less-than-honest types now and then. Here are some telltale warning signs - and don't be surprised if they seem familiar. 

How to say no when investment fraud comes calling

If you've already fallen prey to an investment fraud scheme, an experienced attorney can help you recover your losses. But how do you avoid being caught in the first place? The next time somebody approaches you with a deal that is too good to be true, you need to be ready.

Scammers who operate in the world of investments aren't dumb. They wisely target the wealthy, and especially those who are close to retirement age or already retired. They prey on the fact that you're an accomplished person who knows how to handle money and is confident acting on his or her own. How do they pick you out of the crowd? Sadly, it's fairly easy with the amount of information available through paper and online trails. They know (or pretend to know) more about you than you'd like. Then, they use high-pressure tactics that have been around for years and have drawn all kinds of smart, well-educated investors into trouble.

My lawyer wasn't prepared to represent me - do I have a case against him?

Many people are aware of medical malpractice, but did you know that there's also something called legal malpractice? If you were represented by a lawyer whom you think made one or more crucial mistakes handling your case, you may be feeling angry and upset. You counted on your lawyer to represent you in the way he or she promised.

Unfortunately, legal malpractice occurs in many areas of the law. It can affect everything from a bankruptcy hearing to a personal injury lawsuit to a criminal case, and from a large case to a small one.

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