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At the law offices of Kenneth E. Chase, P.C., we are known for the results we achieve for our clients. Attorney Ken Chase is committed to helping his clients succeed and to providing ethical and effective legal representation every step of the way.

Why are we successful? We care about the details of your case. We develop close relationships with our clients to understand the facts of the case and our client’s objectives and goals. We also work with top experts in their respective fields to help build and support a strong case.

Our Case Results

Below are some examples of recent case results we have obtained for previous clients:

Legal Malpractice

Date: March 2018
Outcome: $750,000 settlement
Description: Plaintiff asserted a claim against an attorney who represented him in connection with issues involving his company provided retirement benefits. The attorney miscalculated the deadline for performing certain specified acts that would have avoided the significant tax consequences ultimately borne by the Plaintiff.

Legal Malpractice

Date: May 2015
Outcome: $500,000 settlement
Description: Plaintiffs asserted a claim against a very prominent personal injury attorney and law firm for negligence and breach of fiduciary obligations based upon a practice and pattern of actions over a 20 year period.


Date: September 2015
Outcome: $550,00 settlement
Description: Plaintiffs, three foreign educated doctors, sued a company that fraudulently induced them to enter into contracts and pay exorbitant advanced fees on the promise that it would facilitate and arrange for their acceptance into an accredited medical residency program, and thereby become licensed to practice medicine in the U.S.

Mohamed Bin Bandar Bin Mohamed Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud v. Russell Stoehr


Date: Sep 03, 2001
Outcome: Plaintiff verdict, 3 week jury trial, $1.3 million.
Prince Mohamed, a member of the Saudi Royal Family, was defrauded by a Mass. auto dealer in the federalization of 4 exotic luxury cars. The dealer sold the cars, using fraudulent certificates of origin, without Prince Mohamed’s knowledge or consent. With the help of a retired FBI agent, the fraud was revealed, and the case doggedly pursued over a period of eleven years through trial and a series of appeals. The dealership was liquidated to pay the mounting judgment, and the owner forced to pay the judgment balance personally.

Acan Mechanical, Inc. v. S.L.C. & Associates, Inc.

Fraud/Business Litigation

Date: Aug 02, 2002
Outcome: Substantial monetary settlement for Defendant.
Description: Plaintiff sued S.L.C. for breach of contract. S.L.C. counterclaimed for fraud and racketeering. S.L.C. proved that Plaintiff had intentionally committed fraud in the joint venture between the parties, costing S.L.C. a lucrative contract, and substantial income and profits. S.L.C. received a substantial monetary settlement on the eve of trial, and the Plaintiff’s complaint was dismissed without any payment or award.

Traxler v. Morga

Business Litigation

Date: Nov 05, 1998
Outcome: Jury verdict, including $50,000 in punitive damages
Description: The Defendant, an Attorney, wrongfully sued the plaintiffs personally for a debt incurred by a publicly traded Canadian company. The Defendant’s action was thoroughly condemned by both the original trial judge, who granted summary judgment against him in his lawsuit, and by the Arizona Court of Appeals, which excoriated him in its opinion upholding the trial judge’s summary judgment. The Plaintiffs then sued the Defendant for malicious prosecution and abuse of process. After a three day trial, the jury rendered a verdict for the Plaintiffs within one hour of receiving the case, and awarded the Plaintiffs both compensatory damages, and $50K in punitive damages.

Waag v. Catholic Family and Community Services


Date: Aug 24, 1994
Outcome: Substantial settlement for Plaintiffs
Description: Plaintiffs adopted a newborn child through the Defendant Catholic agency. The agency provided the Waag’s with certain information about the birth parents, as required by Arizona law, but purposely withheld critical information about the birth mother’s mental history, including the fact that she had been institutionalized in psychiatric facilities for severe mental illnesses for most of her life, and was, at the time, homeless and living on the streets. The Waag’s were selected for this particular child because Mr. Waag was a psychologist, and Mrs. Waag was a psychiatric nurse. As it turned out, the child inherited his mother’s mental illnesses, including bi-polar disorder, and violent tendencies. As a result, he had to be institutionalized from childhood, and remained institutionalized until adulthood. The Plaintiffs sued the agency for fraud, and the case settled shortly after the lawsuit was filed.

Hoffman Investments, LLC v. 101 Property Group, LLC, Cindy O. Peterson, David E. Hilditch, et.al.

Securities and investment fraud

Date: Jul 16, 2009
Outcome: Judgment, including $200,000 in punitive damages
Description: Hoffman was persuaded to loan more than $300,000 in a real estate development scheme, and was provided with fraudulent valuations for the real estate that was to secure his loans. He obtained judgment for his full loss including an award of $200,000 in punitive damages.

Atkinson v. U.S. Media Team, LLC, Joseph Cosenza, Equivest Heritage Group,LLC, Thomas L. Brandon, and Scott Busse

Securities and investment fraud

Date:Dec 28, 2009
Outcome: Judgment, including $120,000 in Punitive Damages
Description: Defendants Equivest Heritage Group, LLC, Thomas L. Brandon, and Scott Busse persuaded the Plaintiffs to provide a $100,000 loan to a company, U.S. Media team, LLC, by fraudulently misrepresenting the loan transaction, and falsely representing their knowledge and relationship with the borrower company. Plaintiffs obtained a judgment for the full amount of their loss, including $120,000 in punitive damages.

Weber vs. G. Michael Porter, Kelly Griffin Porter, G. Michael Porter, LLC, and Two Six Three Investments, LLC

Securities and investment fraud

Date: Sep 03, 2009
Outcome: Judgment, including $50,000 in Punitive Damages
Description: Defendants solicited $140,000 investment in Defendant Two Six Three Investments, LLC from Plaintiff Weber, in return for a percentage membership interest in the company. Instead of conveying the membership interest to Weber as promised, the Defendant G. Michael Porter, who was the managing member of both Defendant companies, took the $140,000 and used it for his own benefit. Weber obtained judgment for the full amount of all of his losses, and was also awarded $50,000 for punitive damages based upon the Defendants’ fraud.

Murcia Murcia S.A. v. Equipment Wholesale Industries, LLC

Fraud/Business Litigation

Date: Jan 04, 2011
Outcome: Judgment for Murcia, including $123,685 in punitive damages due to EWI’s fraud.
Description: Murcia, a Colombian company, contracted with Equipment Wholesale Industries (EWI) for a customized heavy duty truck, paying more than $123,000 in advance. EWI took the money which represented the full contract purchase price, but it never produced or delivered the truck. Murcia sued EWI for fraud and was awarded more than $260,000 in damages, including $123,685 in punitive damages.

Mary Hanson v. Albert Martin

Fraud/Business Litigation

Date: Oct 25, 2010
Outcome: Judgment for Mary Hanson, including $34,000 in punitive damages.
Description: Mary Hanson loaned Albert Martin, a former major league baseball player, more than $41,000 at his request. After many months of delaying repayment, he finally provided a personal check for $34,000 as partial repayment of the loan. However, the check bounced upon deposit, and Albert Martin refused to make it good. Mary Hanson sued Martin for the fraudulent check, since the bank account on which the check was drawn had been closed long before the check was written, and she was awarded $68,000 in damages, including $34,000 in statutory punitive damages for the fraudulent check, as well as her full attorney fees and costs.

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