Protecting Victims Of Explosions

Whether at work, at home, or at any other location, an explosion can cause very serious injuries or death. If the explosion was caused by the failure or negligence of others, you, as an innocent victim, have the right to pursue a claim for full compensation for all of your injuries, losses, and damages, including medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability or impairment, pain and suffering, and other related expenses. The Law Offices of Kenneth E. Chase, PC, in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers more than 35 years of experience providing personal and individualized attention to negligence victims. We are available and ready to help you protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

We know that every case and every client is unique. Personal attention means that we will listen to, and understand, your individual needs and concerns, and we will always act with your very best interests in mind. At our law firm, every client is important, and you can rest assured that we will always treat you that way. Contact us today.

Explosions At Home And On Work Sites

We are prepared to handle all types of explosion accident cases. Many of these accidents take place in the workplace. Our experience allows us to represent people who were involved in accidents at manufacturing facilities and other work sites where, among other things, combustible materials are used.

Of course, explosions can occur almost anywhere, including at home, and they can be caused by many factors. Propane explosions are one example of the types of accidents that can take place at private residences. If such an explosion is the result of an improperly manufactured or defective product, then you may have the right to pursue a claim against the manufacturer.

On the other hand, such explosions may be the result of the failure or negligence of the homeowner or user, based upon improper maintenance or improper use. In that event, if a guest or an innocent bystander is injured as a result, a claim against the negligent party can be made. With more than 35 years of experience, we are able to effectively and efficiently protect your legal rights and interests in such claims.

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